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Michigan Court Administration Association 

To support the Advancement of Court Administration in Michigan  

Enhance Court Management
Meetings are held on a quarterly basis.
Hall of Justice
925 W. Ottawa
Lansing, MI, 48909
United States

We sincerely hope everyone and their families are remaining safe and healthy during this difficult time! 



Originally:  Conference Registration Fees were going to be refunded by check.


HOWEVER, for all Conference Registrations:



Credit Card Payments:    GovPay has agreed to reverse the registration fees paid to credit card used.


**You should see this forthcoming within the next two weeks.




CHECK PAYMENTS:  Some individuals checks have not been cashed or depositedThese are being voided and returned to the payor.


Checks are being written and mailed to the remaining individuals.


I am hopeful all refund will be processed no later than May 31, 2020.   


We are hopeful to see everyone for next year's conference at Crystal Mtn:


**Save the 2021 Conference Dates:  May 18, 2021-May 21, 2021.**

Did youknow  that MCAA and NACM provide a "Dual Partnership"?

You can be a member of both MCAA and NACM at a reduced membership fee.

Visit http://www.nacmnet.org to join NACM or to find more information.




MCAA uses google groups as a list serve for questions.

Access to the google groups is granted if you are a paid member of MCAA and a court administrator

(or deputy with administrator approval).

If you would like access or have any questions, contact Elaine Moore, 73B District Court.






Officers & Board of Directors
President (2021) from 59th District Court
Julie Fend
1st Vice President (2020) from 61st District Court
Gary Secor

2nd Vice President (2020) from 47th District Court
Dave Walsh
Recording Secretary (2020) from 51 District Court
Jen Thom

Corresponding Secretary (2021) from 39th District Court
Melissa King

Treasurer (2020) from 3B District Court
Tabitha Wedge
Immediate Past Presidents from:
Gary Dodge     
44th District Court
Kevin McKay   
(former 63rd District Court)
Tabitha Wedge
3B District Court

Parliamentarian (2021) from 18th District Court
James Gibbs

Director (2020) from District Court 62B District Court
Michele White

Director (2020) from 
54B District Court
Nicole Evans
Director (2020) from 87A District Court
Victoria Courterier
Director (2020) from 71B District Court
Sheila Long
Director (2021) from 10th Circuit Court
Paula McGlown
Director (2021) from 19th District Court
Eric Cyman
Director (2021) from 86th District Court
Dawn Wagoner
Director (2021) from 47th District Court
Stacy Parke